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Breathtaking Lakefront View
Waking up every morning to the view of the lake is an experience that simply cannot be expressed 100%. The sense of freedom and inspiration, the feeling of rejuvenation which comes from refreshing environment is something that cannot be equaled by properties surrounded by land. It is an exclusive feature that can only be offered by high end lakefront condominiums.
A Classic Building
When you take a look at Toronto's lakeshore scenery, one condominium will probably stand out from the rest. Palace Pier is a luxury condo located at western Toronto lakefront, just minutes from the downtown core and a short distance away from the largest park in the city. Palace Pier has become the standard for waterfront condominiums, serving as a role model for countless number of newly built condominiums. But even after such rapid development in the real estate market, Palace Pier is still considered to be one of the most prestigious property available in the city.
Luxurious Units
Many current condominiums lack the premium that Palace Pier can offer. It starts from the apartment unit itself. Palace Pier offers units that are designed with comfort in mind, rather than cutting corners to save space. Whether it is a single or double floor unit, Palace Pier offers one of the most spacious apartments in the city of Toronto. And of course, the amenities cannot be compared to your average condominiums either.
Luxurious Amenities
Let's consider recreation for a moment. Palace Pier has a private 9 acre park space just for its residents, allowing you to enjoy landscaped garden year around. All the athletic facilities that you can ever think of also exist within Palace Pier complex. From outdoor tennis courts to indoor table tennis facilities, Palace Pier caters to virtually any activity. You will be able to jump start your morning through some swimming runs and end the day by relaxing at the billiards room.
Luxury and Exclusivity
Unfortunately, luxury often equates to exclusivity. Since space is limited, Palace Pier units are always in high demand. This is why it pays to know an insider such as Regency Park. Regency Park (for more information visit is a realtor company that specializes in Palace Pier properties. Regency Park is located within Palace Pier, which means that their clients will have exclusive access to the building, a service which cannot be offered by a typical realtor. It also means that Regency Park can gain access to information (such as unit availability) sooner than others. Since Regency Park is part of Palace Pier community, you can be assured that they have your best interest in mind since you will be their neighbor as well.
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